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                               "Joy only comes as we learn in humility to value others ,

and comes when we are emptying ourselves, and then, only then

do we discover a life full of joyful possibilities" ---Quoted by Pastor

Jason Caddy-Columbia Grace, Columbia, TN. [permission to use


Special Message to COVID-19 Recipients; Legacy Life Care Programs follows all state and federal guidelines for COVID-readiness.  Please check with us prior to booking your appointment.  Specific services are also available on virtual live software that is HIPPA compliant for your convenience--

Resources for Outsourcing Referrals, Linking to Professionals, Company Memberships, Community-Based Programs, and Advocating for Children and Families/Prepare Enrich-Couples

Legacy Life Care Programs was incorporated as a 501 c 3 in 2011 and operates as a charitable organization to help others in the care giver areas in Middle Tennessee.

Making the most of service areas: On Zoom Now; Prepare Enrichment for Couples

Legacy Life Care Programs is a nonprofit public organization providing the services and benefits to the public that are beneficial to the public interest. 

Encouraging participants to utilize their own resources to tap into outsourcing their own issues by providing participants the tools to help them reach out and give back to their communities.

Legacy Life Care Programs accepts chartable donations by reaching out to us; Middle Tennessee areas--Call our help line at 931-626-1644 or directly at mobile help at 931-215-2182-by leaving a message and we will get back to you.  Zoom Meetings to chat?  Go to Legacy Life Care Programs to ask for a meeting.

Advocating and Supporting Children & Families, Couples and Individuals

This is an Advocacy and supportive and collaborative assistance service that is available to support those seeking help.   Advocating to support caregivers caring for seniors, or disabled persons, or children; counseling or seeking a variety of services and help; wanting to service others in volunteering their time to outreach programs or forming partnerships with other nonprofit or governmental services, we are there to connect with resources. 

Legacy Life Care Programs continues connecting without regard to anyone who is needing help; if we don't know we will help connect you with those who do know. 

We maintain HIPPA compliance, Privacy and Confidentiality to those who we work with.

Our Motto and Goal:

Working to help be a voice to those who suffer from violence and physical abuse mental abuse, or emotional abuse; committed to working with local law enforcement, mental health or therapists and reaching out to other professional advocacy groups or agencies helping by being a helping resource.

By accepting referrals, or in finding and matching participants to those therapy or mental health and wellness professionals. 

By charitable contributions through our various contributors helps increase our program development and those we service.  By you giving to our programs helps ensure we continue to progress and develop participant and provider partnerships with outside by resourcing consultants in the field of mental health, professional counselors and therapists, or health care administrators.   Call us today: 931-215-2182 (texting us); or 931-626-1644 for referral outsourcing.

Financial Contributions and Giving Services generate and help develop such programs as  Day Programs to Seniors, Disabled persons and Durg and Rehab SupportGroups

This nonprofit is a 501 c 3 charitable corporation and as such, is an outsource referral and community support service offered to those who wish to offer financial giving by way of contributions to this cause; in order to help support Legacy Life Care Programs, participant programs or develop new insight and program initiatives within the organizational structure of where participants live, in community, or in other areas where specific needs to others are found within any United States and State-Wide Communities local site community settings.  If you would like to give any donation or gift you will receive a receipt of thanks for your giving to our participants and program activities' Please find us at Paypal.com.

Contracted Consultants Working with Legacy Life Care Programs Welcomes College Interns Come learn and share our office space!

Legacy offers outsourcing and community outreach referral services by supporting those families and participants who seek help.   Supportive services may include providing and contracting with psychologists, medical physicians, nurse pratitioners, nutritional health consultants, mental health providers, administrator providers, therapists and social counselors, pastoral site supervisors who mentor or supervise college students in mental health and marriage and family internships, and church affiliated supports.  

Contractors are credentialed through our organization, all have back ground checks and agree to a conflict and HIPPA and Confidential and Privacy as they agree to become a partner with Legacy Life Care Programs.  If you are interested in joining our team of professionals we offer consultant agreements where you work at your preferred pace and maintain your own client caseloads.  

Legacy Life Care Programs requires their therapists and counselors to be associated with ethical oversight within their degreed profession, and are remain as members of the state and national associations within which their practice areas are maintained, in good standing .

Becoming a part of our intake or in managing new client referrals are done with ensuring all consulting counselors and therapists hold themselves out to the public interest, are ethical in practicing, and maintain ethical and state governance when they work with any clients we refer them to.  Requirements are met when counselors are trained within their respective practicing, holding creditable internships, having licensed site supervisors managing them on their specific practice site locations. 

Letters of Recommendations from specific Tennessee schools and other universities is required for students and post graduates-please contact us today if you are interested in partnering with our service areas.

-call us today at 931-215-2182 or drop a request at our web site.

Professionals are Here to Service Your Needs

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Business Strategies for Leadership and Site Placement Needs---see Linda

This is a service available to you to help you strategize College approved Internships Needing Site Placement Credentialing, or institutional or small business startup,  whether you are seeking Health Care and Nursing Home oversight to survey compliance needs, building better relationships through partnering with us to host a seminar or advocate for a cause we are here to help-Call Linda Smith Administrator with questions at 931-215-2182

Experienced Professionals and Collegiate Supports or Site Credentialing---see Linda

This provides links to state sponsored Tennessee or other out of state university placement coordinators or to other consultants such as Licensed Professional Counselors, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, Licensed Social Workers,licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, In Home Aides, Professional Pastoral Counselors or Spirtiual Leaders we service various needs to professionals, MD, and others who want to partner with Legacy Life Care Programs---Contact Linda today! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

This is a service available to you within the area of giving and receiving gifts or donations.  You will get an itemized statement thanking you for your kindness in bettering our program service areas.  We accept donations anytime.  Please specify what area you want benefitted through giving and we will match in-kind giving to ensure those not able to pay for our service areas can benefit through sliding scales or get the servicefree to those persons who qualify-guaranteed.

Customer Referral Support

This is a service available to your client supports.  Whether we help with care giving in the home, adult day care or adult sitter issues, or if you are seeking a counselor to help with a problem child, family member, or parent, we will service the client through our referral resources by discussing your preferences and choices on referral outsourcing to a practitioner or other specialized professional who can help you-Please contact Linda Smith for assistance-drop a message and state the purpose of your needs.

Professionals and Resources

Whether a youth, teen, adult, college student, family, couple, or career advancement professional we will place your membership into Legacy Life Care Programs portal as sampled below:

Meet our Referral Resource Person for Outpatient and Counseling Needs and In Home Supports---See Kim

Kim Young

Meet our VP of Operations, over Financials and Life Safety

James (Jim) Smith

Meet our CEO President and Administrator over Contracts, Therapy Contacts and Program Direction

Interns Welcome for Site Placement Needs-See Linda

Linda Smith, MMFT-TL

Meet our Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Children, Adolescents, Teens, Young Adults, and Seniors

Legacy Life Care Programs will match Referrals to Therapuetic Needs; go to psychologytoday.com/


We provide Resources, In Home Supports, Referral Data Outsourcing, Health Care Administration, and Advocate for Children and Families.  We are a 501 (c) (3) Domestic Corporation and build our programs through Charitable Giving, Donations and through Partnering with other Nonprofit and For Profit Organizations and governmental agencies when available-

We at Legacy Life Care Programs want to hear from you.  Please get in touch to find our the many ways we can help those in need, or build resources around participants choices and benefits that help them solve their issues-one issue at a time.

About Us and story.

A little bit History

Linda and James Smith opened their nonprofit in October of 2013.  Legacy board shares in the mission purpose and intent of services that we offer to those participants who need them.  We have managed adult day care programs, nursing home programs and contracted Linda out as a nursing home and assisted living consultant throughout the years of operations.

Linda Smith previously has been licensed as a Mental Health and Substace Abuse Provider.  All consultants are contracted to provide what their licensed area demonstrates.  Linda closed out her last provider service to pursue more in depth training and learning by taking course work within families and relationships through Strayer University, and NorthCentral University.

Linda will graduate with a Master of Behavioral Science, National Accreditation in Marriage and Family Therapy June, 2020.

Linda previously holds a Master Level Degree in Strategic Leadership from TSU, Nashville, TN,  and an Undergrad Degree Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Polictical Science from Belmont University, Nashville, TN.

Linda is currently in her 2nd Master Level Degree Program with NorthCentral University.  Her intense studies are within the area of marriage and family therapy.  Linda is working thourgh the program through internships with site supervisors who are credentialed in Tennessee.

Legacy  board members has recommended Linda take a dual role; one of administrating over the day to day operations of the various charitable service areas and programs at Legacy Life Care Programs, and by taking her knowledge and skills to a new level by learning about counseling and interventions. Linda while in the program does not charge fees for volunteering to serveral site locations and working with the site supervisor's clients.

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