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Special Message to the Public: Legacy Life Care Programs will be holding an online auction sometime in April and March--Be watching for this event to help us in our relocation and building our network of client programs throughout the new year, 2023!!!

Also, clients can now participate in live software through virtual secure participant live online networks that remain HIPPA compliant for your convenience--We remain COVID ready and have a secure base to appointments-one client one family one group at a time for your convenience----

We invite you to visit us on www.legacylifecareprograms.com and leave us your comments.  

Legacy Life Care Programs was incorporated as a 501 c 3 in 2011 and operates as a charitable organization to help others in the care giver areas in Middle Tennessee.

Making the most of service areas


 Legacy Life Care Programs accepts charitable donations by reaching out to us; Middle Tennessee areas--Call our help line at 931-381-5363 or directly at mobile help at 931-215-2182-by leaving a message and we will get back to you.  Security HIPPA Compliant Zoom Meetings to schedule an intake is now available?  Go to Legacy Life Care Programs to ask for a schedule at 215-2182 or send us your referral also here at our home page--- 

MMFT Linda is---

a marriage and familycounselor, a wedding officiant, a board director CEO/Administrator among her many alcaldes and partners with the community wide churches, civic organizations, schools and educational needs, and agencies to other outside agencies and government entities to bring the best in consumer helps.

HIPPA compliance, Privacy and Confidentiality :

Referral Resource: Fax: 1-931-381-5363

Email to Proton.com at legacyoflife@protonmail.com.; text us confidential with brief text-only initials no names please at (931) 215-2182.

Charitable Contributions: We offer for your convenience Cash, Check, Credit Card through  Square up links: You may contribute through all major credit cards, debit, or checks (small service fee may apply);

By charitable contributions through our various contributors helps increase our program development and those we service.  By you giving to our programs helps ensure we continue to progress and develop participant and provider partnerships with outside by resourcing consultants in the field of mental health, professional counselors and therapists, or health care administrators.   Call us today: 931-215-2182 (texting us); or 931-626-1644 for referral outsourcing. Send checks to Legacy Life Care Programs, Administrator 100 N Bigby Dr, Columbia, TN 38401

CEO-VP, Jim Smieth is our Financial Advisor and Contributor though Financial Contributions and In-Kind Giving supports here at Legacy Life Care Programs.  Jim is the best of the best and his giving sets the example through unanimous or in-kind gifts we receive from his generosity.

Jim invites giving and ensures those who donate or contribute gifts receive a receipt for their tax purposes-----

Partnering through other organizations partnering with us at Legacy Life Care Programs is one of the supports we count on for supporting our programs and clients who participate in them.  Giving anytime now or at the end of the year donations are deeply appreciated; Sharing the  blessings of giving any amount, from one dollar up  to 100 dollars or more support any and all recipients or contributors who will get a  giving/donation or gift receipt when you give to Legacy Life Care Programs; Jim is the largest doner of giving and understands that helping others benefit clients through developing resources and bringing on new challenges with programs, all or which benefit the  community at large, and those participants who service us all through their kindness and helping hands.    HIPPA Compliant please ask us how you can give by reaching us at our company phone at (931) 215-2182, or you can text Linda at (931) 215-2182; Email Jim or Linda at legacyoflife16@yahoo.com. -Jim Smith-can be reached at:


Our Core Programs include specialized services with those staff who have trained in the areas of EMDR, TBRI-Behavioral, PTSD, through Individual, Couple, and Family Relational growth. Grief Share and Divorce Care partners with servicing churches and others through on-site groups or individual counseling in a secure safe area.

New Projects Being Developed:

Building B next door to our outpatient counseling in Building A we are developing renovations for special events and wedding chapel services.  We expect o open this project in June-July, 2022.

Contributions and In Kind Giving

If you would like to give any donation or gift you will receive a receipt of thanks for your giving to our participants and program activities' 

Thank You,

James E Smith, VP Operations-931-215-4524

Who We Partner with----

  Parners or Consulting Contractors are recruited through our organization, all recruitments have federal and state compliant background checks and a conflict of interest, Practice Policy, Agreement, HIPPA and Confidential compliance standards are maintained.  Privacy and separate sessions are conducted within a secure office space where our Practice files are kept locked Office spaces AND staff become a consulting partner with Legacy Life Care Programs.   Agreements enter a process and requires credentialing. and licensing for most facility programs.

Legacy Life Care Programs maintains that practicing consultants, graduates and licensed therapists advertise as Members within Psychology Today whenever possible to do so and are required to carry their own liability insurance and are members in good standing with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists.

-Call us today at 931-215-2182 or drop a request, at our web site.

Professionals are Here to Service Your Needs

Legacy Life Care Programs Business Strategy and Partnership Concentration

Business Strategies for Leadership and Site Placement Needs---see Linda


This is a service availability to you only on a specialized approved credentialing and as such is here to help you strategize College approved Internships Needing Site Placement Credentialing under the direction of a licensed and approved site supervisor specialized in the field of therapies is an outsource:

Other Leadership Options:

Our small, medium, or large living environments/institutional or small business startup,  whether you are seeking Health Care and Nursing Home oversight to survey compliance needs, Linda Smith, NHA is building better relationships through partnering with others; either to host a seminar or advocate for a cause we are here to help-Call Linda Smith Administrator with questions at 931-215-2182

Experienced Professionals and Collegiate Supports or Site Credentialing---see Linda

Legacy Life Care Programs------ provides various links to state sponsored Tennessee licensing or other Tennessee Collegiate or out of state university placement coordinators who may assist you to further your educational pursuits, or to other consultants such as Licensed Professional Counselors, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, Licensed Social Workers, licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, In Home Aides, Professional Pastoral Counselors or Spiritual Leaders and Chaplains whom we service various needs by connecting you to professionals, MD, and others who want to partner with Legacy Life Care Programs---Contact Linda today! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Legacy Professionals offer constituents a service availability to you within the area of giving and receiving gifts or donations.  You will get an itemized Contribution Letter in the form of a  statement thanking you for your kindness in bettering our program service areas.  We accept donations anytime.  Please specify what area you want benefitted through giving and we will ensure your in-kind giving to ensure those not able to pay for our service areas can benefit through sliding scales or get the pro-bono-service-free to those persons who qualify-by benefitting their needs---

Customer Referral Support

Legacy Life Care Programs offers customer referral supportive services-  Covid Ready Distance Ready:

Needs Assessment Legacy Life Care Programs is members with Psychology TodayTherapists:  https://www.psychologytoday.com/profile/786539

We do phone screenings & Evaluations:

Whether you are a parent trying to learn coping skills, a family needing help, or if you are seeking a counselor to help with a problem child, family member, or parent, spouse, or pre-marital counseling, we will work with you to help you select goals, interventions or to service the client through our referral resources outside to specialty services

What are Your Preferences as a therapist, counselor, practice professional or partnership interest?

Legacy Life Care Programs will sit down and together---we will discuss your preferences and choices on referral outsourcing to a practitioner or other specialized professional that may be required

Suicide Prevention:-If this is an emergency please call 1-800-Helpline, or 911-emergency or go to the nearest hospital---

Do you need help with Suicide Awareness-we can help you to this resource-Please contact Linda Smith for assistance-drop a message and state the purpose of your needs.

Professionals and Resources

Whether a youth, teen, adult, college student, family, couple, or career advancement professional we will place your membership into Legacy Life Care Programs portal as sampled below:

Meet our Referral Resource Person for Outpatient and Counseling Needs and In Home Supports---See Kim

Kim Young Wrap Around Degreed Counselor

Meet our VP of Operations, over Financials and Life Safety

James (Jim) Smith Vice President of Financial Affairs

Meet our CEO President and Administrator over Contracts, Therapy Contacts and Program Direction

Linda Smith, MFT

Meet our Pre-Professional Marriage and Family Therapist Ms. Linda Smith, MFT, graduated NCU-with a Master in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Linda counsels Family Counseling, Children, aged 7 and above,  Adolescents, Teens, Young Adults, Couples, Pre-Marital, and Seniors

Linda Smith can be found on http://Psychologytoday. Com,/Find Therapists/Columbia/Tennessee or match your needs to  therapeutic needs; go to hppts://psychologytoday.com/therapists

We provide Resources to Home Supports, Referral Data Outsourcing, Health Care Administration, and Advocate for Children and Families through our Outpatient Mental Health Facility---  We are a 501 (c) (3) Domestic Corporation and build our programs through Charitable Giving Contributions and Donations and through Partnering with other Nonprofit and For Profit Organizations and governmental agencies when available-

About Us and story.

A little bit History

Linda and James Smith opened their nonprofit in October of 2013.  Legacy board shares in the mission purpose and intent of services that we offer to those participants who need them.  We have managed adult day care programs, nursing home programs, assisted living programs through administration, and contracted Linda out as a nursing home and assisted living consultant throughout the years of operations.  Linda serves as a consultant over programs development with Legacy.

Linda Smith previously has directed an Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Agency licensed site here at 1505 Carmack Blvd., Columbia, TN., in Maury County, Tennessee  All agency and professional therapists are contracted consultants who are contracted to provide what their licensed area demonstrates.  

Linda graduated with a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy through NCU-a National Accreditation in Marriage and Family Therapy master level diploma degree in July, 2020.

Linda also has a Master Level Degree in Strategic Leadership from TSU, Nashville, TN,  and an Undergrad Degree Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Political Science from Belmont University, Nashville, TN.

Linda is currently studying for her National Exams and hopes to complete the exams in May-July of 2022.

Legacy  board members has recommended Linda take a dual role; one of administrating over the day to day operations of the various charitable service areas and programs at Legacy Life Care Programs, and by taking her knowledge and skills to a new level by learning about counseling and interventions.

Linda recently became a secular universal community ordained pastor and is currently a wedding officiant in after hours while working during her daily business hours in her MFT while counseling clients during her work hours.

Linda Smith has a site supervisor over her MFT at Legacy Life Care Programs and follows state and federal guidelines counseling clients.

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