We at Legacy Life Care Programs are---

-The nonprofit who serves all of Tennessee areas. since 2013  

- Through in office counseling, or virtual counseling, we have rental space available for new therapists and counselors to help build our client needs. 

- We have been a nonprofit charitable company since 2013

-We are reaching populations of seniors, adult living facilities, assisted living and long-term care facilities, group adult homes, children's' community outreach programs, family and couples, adolescent and young children in foster care settings

-Helping those with Alcohol and Addiction issues by helping those with addictive behaviors and supports

-Offering online Assistance with church and other affiliated group therapies. 

-Please do not hesitate to contact Linda Smith, Administrator, or call us  to find out more about our organization and charitable ways in which you can get help with meeting your needs,  or  want to give in way of gifts or donations to benefit clients and programs served.

Do you need a top-notch health care management company?

This is the place to find out our rates to manage your organizational restructuring, build up staff morale and offer what may benefit employees, children or seniors.  We are here to help make lives better and life experiences and everyday problems being solved.  Please find out how to partner with us today.

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